Current performances

The first production of season 2021-2022 is THE STORY OF ELSE (Het verhaal van Anders) by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso. Second production is LOVE, AND THEN 12+ (Liefde en dan) by choreographer Anne Suurendonk. The third production is WILD 6+ by choreographer Wies Bloemen. Wild is an infectious and anarchic dance theatre performance. Check our agenda for all upcoming shows.

THE STORY OF ELSE 8+ (Het verhaal van Anders)

Once upon a time there was a boy, in a place not far from here. He was called Else. Aye was his best friend. The boys were inseparable. Together they could take on the whole world. They just fit, like two pieces in a puzzle. Was it because their thoughts were alike? Because they moved alike? Because they laughed at the same jokes? A performance for kids by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso.

They had sworn to stick together forever. Anything is possible in a fairy tale. At least that's what Aye thought: A frog can turn into a prince, a princess can tame dragons... Two princes can even marry each other. Aye started feeling weird in the presence of Else. But Else didn’t feel the same way. And then Salina moved into the neighborhood. 
The story of Else is an absurd and playful dance theater performance about written and unwritten rules. Else, Aye and Salina define their own rules in their own world. A place that offers a lot more space than the ordinary world. Sometimes you just have to look at things differently. 

Choreography: Ryan Djojokarso
Dancers/performers: Jochem Eerdekens, Simon Mual, Chanel Vyent
Music: Robbert Klein
Set design and costumes: Elsemarijn Bruys
Light design: Erik van Raalte
Artistic direction: Wies Bloemen


LOVE, AND THEN 12+ (Liefde en dan)

Love is often messy. While we so want to believe in the romantic story. Because true love comes so naturally. Without you having to do your best, or it hurting, right? Hmm, wake up! Love is amazing, but can also frazzle the brain.

Your head is spinning, and your life is upside down. And those hopes of gazing 'happily ever after' at a setting sun together? Forget it. Love is hard work. And love also means being afraid. Afraid of being vulnerable or losing yourself in someone completely. Yet despite all of this you shouldn’t shy away from it, because love is also the most beautiful thing there is.

In Love, and then, choreographer Anne Suurendonk goes in search of a love story different to those we get served in romantic films and novels. Realistic love that doesn’t ‘just’ happen by itself, but that you need to fight for. Love that hurts and even perhaps isn’t good for you. Because yes, sometimes it doesn’t work out. But if it does…

Credits Choreography: Anne Suurendonk Cast: Melisa Diktas, Larissa Jennifer Koopman, Ali Zanad, Dalton 'Dangelo' Jansen en Tom van Wee Music, text and composer: Tom van Wee Costumes: Piet Langeveld Design- and lightdesign: Erik van Raalte Dramaturgy: Viktor Mentink Artistic advice en coach: Wies Bloemen Techniek: Yannick Bruine de Bruin & Asger Moeselaar



Young girls are brimming with boisterous energy. And that is what we are going to celebrate! Because white socks are there to get dirty. By the way, are you allowed to explode as a girl?

Wild is an infectious and anarchic dance theatre performance. Three dancers share the stage with the Maat saxophone quartet and throw the gender expectations overboard. All the notions of how to behave as a girl creep in at a very early age. These dancers don’t care. There’s nothing neat, quiet and modest about them. They choose to be wild, fierce and inappropriate. Their attempts to do the 'steps' in a structured and orderly way fail miserably. It’s not what they want to do, and so they choose their own path. Looking for the best way to discover themselves and the world. And no one can stop them.

The music for ‘Wild’ is written by composer Kaveh Vares and is performed live by the saxophonists of the Max saxophone quartet. Besides the performance for 8+, there will also be an adapted version performed for an adult audience.


Dance Theatre AYA & Maat Saxophone Quartet
Concept and choreography: Wies Bloemen
Music composition: Kaveh Vares
Dance: three dances
Live music: Daniel Ferreira (soprano saxophone), Catarina Gomes (alto saxophone), Pedro Silva (tenor saxophone), Mafalda Oliveira (baritone saxophone)

Performance period February – mid April 2022