Current performances

The first production of season 2020-2021 is THE STORY OF ELSE (Het verhaal van Anders) by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso. Second production is TUMBLE & BOUNCE 3+. The third production is MATES. Mates is about finding your place in the brutal battlefield that is school.Check our agenda for all upcoming shows.


TUMBLE & BOUNCE 3+ (Tuimel & Bounce) 

Oh no, BAM, there you go again! Pretty difficult to stay in balance. And not just when you’re a toddler… the dancers in the hip-hop show Tumble & Bounce are superstars when it comes to falling over. But luckily, they also bounce back again. Choreographer Honey Eavis creates a show for children aged three plus.     

As a child, things are always changing in the world around you. Big and small. You go to nursery, a new baby brother or sister arrives on the scene, or perhaps your parents are arguing. All happening around you without you being able to influence it. Growing up is incredibly. You just need to make the best of it. So, when do you go with the flow? And when do you say ‘No’? Well, you tell me...  

Tumble & Bounce is a playful theatre-dance performance that is bursting with love for the hip-hop culture. The dancers and performers tumble, bounce, discover and grow.   

Tumble & Bounce is Honey Eavis’ first guest-choreography at AYA. Eavis is at home in hip-hop and has previously created several children's shows at Don't Hit Mama.   

“With her show Hip Hop Hooray, Honey Eavis demonstrates that hip-hop is also popular with younger children.” Theaterkrant. 

Concept & choreography: Honey Eavis 
Cast: Sacha Muller, Mirjam Ravier, Stefan Seedorf 
Music: Sacha Muller, Ruby Stacks 
Dramaturgy: Wies Bloemen 
Design & light: Erik van Raalte 
Costumes: Iris van Wijhe 
Repetitor: Yordana Rodriguez 


Mates is about finding your place in the brutal battlefield that is school. A time when your friends become more important than your family. Do you belong? Who is your friend?   

In Mates, the dancers balance between new friendships, and their many treacherous faces. Switching between their own insecurities and the dynamics of the group. Why does friendship work one time and not the next? What is it that makes you get on well with someone?  

Mates is a riveting dance performance. An exploration into the mechanisms behind friendship, wanting to belong and that special feeling when you click with someone. 

Wies Bloemen, Artistic Leader: 

‘You’re born into family; friends are something you choose yourself. What do you look for in a friend? In this performance, I have chosen to tell the story mainly through dance. Dance speaks to your emotions in the same way as friendship does.’ 

Concept & choreography: Wies Bloemen
Dancers: Isabelle Nelson, Marko Šakić, Alicia Anais Fuentes Sifuentes, Ali Zanad
Music: Nikolaï Clavier
Dramatury: Monique Masselink
Set design & light design: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Arnold Put
Co-choreography: Anne Suurendonk

THE STORY OF ELSE 8+ (Het verhaal van Anders)

Once upon a time there was a boy, in a place not far from here. He was called Else. Aye was his best friend. The boys were inseparable. Together they could take on the whole world. They just fit, like two pieces in a puzzle. Was it because their thoughts were alike? Because they moved alike? Because they laughed at the same jokes? A performance for kids by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso.

They had sworn to stick together forever. Anything is possible in a fairy tale. At least that's what Aye thought: A frog can turn into a prince, a princess can tame dragons... Two princes can even marry each other. Aye started feeling weird in the presence of Else. But Else didn’t feel the same way. And then Salina moved into the neighborhood. 
The story of Else is an absurd and playful dance theater performance about written and unwritten rules. Else, Aye and Salina define their own rules in their own world. A place that offers a lot more space than the ordinary world. Sometimes you just have to look at things differently. 

Choreography: Ryan Djojokarso
Dancers/performers: Jochem Eerdekens, Simon Mual, Chanel Vyent
Music: Robbert Klein
Set design and costumes: Elsemarijn Bruys
Light design: Erik van Raalte
Artistic direction: Wies Bloemen