Current performances

The first production of season 2020-2021 is THE STORY OF ELSE (Het verhaal van Anders) by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso. What would happen if things just would be totally different? An absurd and playful dance theater performance with three dancers who play by their own rules. Check our agenda for all upcoming shows.

THE STORY OF ELSE (Het verhaal van Anders)

Once upon a time there was a boy, in a place not far from here. He was called Else. Aye was his best friend. The boys were inseparable. Together they could take on the whole world. They just fit, like two pieces in a puzzle. Was it because their thoughts were alike? Because they moved alike? Because they laughed at the same jokes? A performance for kids by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso.

They had sworn to stick together forever. Anything is possible in a fairy tale. At least that's what Aye thought: A frog can turn into a prince, a princess can tame dragons... Two princes can even marry each other. Aye started feeling weird in the presence of Else. But Else didn’t feel the same way. And then Salina moved into the neighborhood. 
The story of Else is an absurd and playful dance theater performance about written and unwritten rules. Else, Aye and Salina define their own rules in their own world. A place that offers a lot more space than the ordinary world. Sometimes you just have to look at things differently. 

Choreography: Ryan Djojokarso
Dancers/performers: Jochem Eerdekens, Simon Mual, Chanel Vyent
Music: Robbert Klein
Set design and costumes: Elsemarijn Bruys
Light design: Erik van Raalte
Artistic direction: Wies Bloemen


A rich show with urban dance, theatre and live music

The Golden Hill Hotel in Ghana is a treasure. Sumptuous beds, a luxurious swimming pool and beautiful view of Fort Elmina. For millions of people, this fort represented their last memories of Africa. Between 1637 and 1814 the Dutch West-India Company shipped around thirty thousand slaves from the dungeons of Fort Elmina, destined for America and Suriname.

Starting point are the personal experiences of the dancers, actors and musicians. The Dutch colonial past is difficult to digest. We cling to the image of the Netherlands as the best-behaved boy in the class. As open and tolerant as we are… Can we discuss that past without choking on shame and guilt? Yes! As long as you dare to keep your eyes open. ‘Black Memories’ invites you to take this step. Starting point are the experiences of five dancers, four musicians and two actors. The eleven of them set off together. ‘Black Memories’ is about the wealth of cultures in our country. But also, about the discomfort that’s darker than a tin of shoe polish on the 5th of December. A powerful show about power, freedom and skin colour. With the beating heart of African, Caribbean and Western music and the energy of contemporary urban culture.

Coproduction AYA, Tafel van Vijf music theatre and BackBone by Alida Dors
Concept, direction and choreography: Herman van Baar, Wies Bloemen, Alida Dors
Text: Ayden Dijkstra
Music composition: Floris van der Vlugt 
Dancers and actors: Aisa Winter, Anna Lindaya, Christine Amagove Karani, Djinti Sullivan, Jason Winter, Jacob de Groot, Perry Gits
Musicians: Floris van der Vlugt (saxophone, vocals), Jasper Goedman (percussion), Rory Ronde (guitar, vocals), Yariv Vroom (percussion)
Set and light: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Isis Vaandrager