Current performances

Currently Danstheater Aya is performing Mates (12+) and by choreographer Wies Bloemen and Mother's White (12+) coproduction AYA and Silbersee. Check our agenda for all upcoming shows.

MATES (12+)

Mates is about finding your place in the brutal battlefield that is school. A time when your friends become more important than your family. Do you belong? Who is your friend? 

In Mates, the dancers balance between new friendships, and their many treacherous faces. Switching between their own insecurities and the dynamics of the group. Why does friendship work one time and not the next? What is it that makes you get on well with someone?

Mates is a riveting dance performance. An exploration into the mechanisms behind friendship, wanting to belong and that special feeling when you click with someone.

Wies Bloemen, Artistic Leader: ‘You’re born into family; friends are something you choose yourself. What do you look for in a friend? In this performance, I have chosen to tell the story mainly through dance. Dance speaks to your emotions in the same way as friendship does.’

Performing period: Oct 2022 - Dec 2022


Mother’s White (12+) – a co-production by AYA Dance Theatre and Silbersee

Mother’s White is a dance and musical theatre production by AYA Dance Theatre and Silbersee. AYA makes bold and accessible dance theatre for a young audience with an exciting mix of contemporary and urban dance, acting, music and humor. Silbersee makes free-form opera that speaks every language. Artistic leader and founder Romain Bischoff creates encounters between makers and performers with a diversity of backgrounds, from classical to urban. The human voice is central to this: it is our key to the heart of the audience. AYA’s dance and Silbersee’s music are accessible to a young and multicoloured audience.

The performance portrays the relationship between a white mother and a black child; the mother sees that her child faces different boundaries to those she herself is used to. There is a sense of powerlessness when you are looked at differently because of the colour of your skin. Disbelief strikes. You can’t let your child be someone else. A craving for understanding and acceptance takes hold. When is the moment, as a mother, to take action?

Mother's White is about confusion of skin colours, privileges and the will to accept one another. Also, Ryan Djojokarso knows like no other how to approach harrowing situations with humour. A story that deserves to be told in words, music, dance and song.

Run period: mid-January – March 2023