Current performances

The first production of season 2019-2020 is CLEOPATRA with ZEP. A new and snappy adaptation of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Last season 2018-2019 AYA presented the performances BLOOD KISS (with the Swiss company KNPV), GUERRILLA (the reprise of a successful coproduction with DOX), and BLACK MEMORIES (together with Tafel van Vijf music theatre and hiphop company BackBone). Next to that AYA op de Huid (AYA under the skin) still runs: A solo performance in the class room. Check our agenda for upcoming shows.


Cleopatra is a new and snappy adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra' in a coproduction with ZEP Theaterproducties. A performance with theatre, dance, spoken word and vocals. Rapper Brainpower translated the Shakespeare scenes into spoken word.
Cleopatra is just eighteen years old when she becomes the last pharao of Egypt. She is a clever strategist and a good leader. Now, at the end of her reign, she faces a major decision. She can surrender to Octavius Caesar and go as a trophy to Rome. Or she follows her lover, General Antony, who is defeated by the emperor and chooses to die. Cleopatra was a world leader a long time ago, but the combination of power and femininity remains tricky. Even now.

Choreography and direction: Wies Bloemen and Peter Pluymaekers
Original text: William Shakespeare
Adaptation: Peter Pluymaekers
Translation into rhyme: Gertjan ‘Brainpower’ Mulder
Dramaturgy and text contribution: Heleen Verburg
New texts: Anne-May de Lijser
Music advice and contribution: Brainpower en Sterre Konijn
Cast and artistic contribution: Anne-May de Lijser | Arend Brandligt | Isabelle Nelson | Mehrnoush Rahmani | Melisa Diktas | Michael de Haan | Samir Hassan | Sterre Konijn
Set and light design: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Isis Vaandrager
Video content: Hendrik Walther


A bloodcurdling, moving and hilarious horror show with dance, music, theatre and life-sized puppets, about the love between a boy and a vampire girl and how they shake up established stereotypes. 

Blood Kiss tells the story of two lost souls, two true outsiders. An introvert, shy boy that is being terribly bullied and a 200-year-old vampire in the body of a girl, meet each other at a local hangout. Shut out, they find support in each other and the boy falls in love. The girl teaches the boy that he needs to defend himself, the boy accepts the girl as she is. The show is inspired by the 2008 award-winning Swedish film 'Let the right one in'. The piece is performed by three dancers, two actors and five puppets. A beautiful fantasy world is created with ample space for bizarre and comical horror.

"Dancers and puppets in virtuoso horror show" (Theaterkrant)

"a deliciously rebellious ode to the resilience and imagination of children" (Het Parool)

Coproduction AYA and KNPV theatre collective from Switzerland
Choreography and direction: Wies Bloemen & Dirk Vittinghoff
Dancers: Laila el Bazi, Kathrin Gramelsberger, Constantin Trommlitz
Actors: Philippe Nauer, Priska Praxmarer
Set and light: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Marina van der Heiden
Creation puppets: Priska Praxmarer


The uprising will come

In a rollercoaster of exciting dance and theatrical scenes the dancers, actors and musicians of AYA and DOX investigate what the concepts protest, resistance and revolt mean to them nowadays. In our commercial world everything is about money. While multinationals get richer and richer, the army of poor wretches is growing. Why does nobody revolt against this? In every youngster there is a revolutionary, but what are they willing to fight for? Is everybody on his own or is there something to fight for together? Dance your dreams in the world. The past you have, the future you have to make.

"A fierce call to young people to be involved in the world" 
(De Volkskrant ****)

Coproduction AYA and DOX
Concept, choreography and direction: Wies Bloemen en Victor Mentink
With: Abdelhadi Baaddi, Deion Holwijn, Dionne Bakker, Frankly Joe Maulany, Jagoda Bobrowska, Laila el Bazi, Liam McCall, Lotte Rischen, Melvin Aroma, Sjaan Flikweert
Music: Kaveh Vares, René Thie
Choreographic contribution: Anne Suurendonk
Dramaturgy: Katja Hieminga
Concept and advice: Hildegard Draaijer
Set and light: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Nicky Nina de Jong


A rich show with urban dance, theatre and live music

The Golden Hill Hotel in Ghana is a treasure. Sumptuous beds, a luxurious swimming pool and beautiful view of Fort Elmina. For millions of people, this fort represented their last memories of Africa. Between 1637 and 1814 the Dutch West-India Company shipped around thirty thousand slaves from the dungeons of Fort Elmina, destined for America and Suriname.

Starting point are the personal experiences of the dancers, actors and musicians The Dutch colonial past is difficult to digest. We cling to the image of the Netherlands as the best-behaved boy in the class. As open and tolerant as we are… Can we discuss that past without choking on shame and guilt? Yes! As long as you dare to keep your eyes open. ‘Black Memories’ invites you to take this step. Starting point are the experiences of five dancers, four musicians and two actors. The eleven of them set off together. ‘Black Memories’ is about the wealth of cultures in our country. But also, about the discomfort that’s darker than a tin of shoe polish on the 5th of December. A powerful show about power, freedom and skin colour. With the beating heart of African, Caribbean and Western music and the energy of contemporary urban culture.

Coproduction AYA, Tafel van Vijf music theatre and BackBone by Alida Dors
Concept, direction and choreography: Herman van Baar, Wies Bloemen, Alida Dors
Text: Ayden Dijkstra
Music composition: Floris van der Vlugt 
Dancers and actors: Aisa Winter, Anna Lindaya, Christine Amagove Karani, Djinti Sullivan, Jason Winter, Jacob de Groot, Perry Gits
Musicians: Floris van der Vlugt (saxophone, vocals), Jasper Goedman (percussion), Rory Ronde (guitar, vocals), Yariv Vroom (percussion)
Set and light: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Isis Vaandrager