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Ontdek nu het nieuwe platform Theater is Live! In Theater is Live bundelt Danstheater AYA samen met 22 andere Nederlandse jeugdgezelschappen de krachten. Met deze campagne willen we theaterbe Lees meer >>

Season 2017-2018



Veil (12+)

She looks out of the window. There are cirrus clouds. But she wants sun. He is the sun. She wants to know what she feels. For him. But hey, thats not allowed. Her parents, brothers and cousins are keeping an eye on her. One eye? No. One thousand and one eyes.

Veil is a moving dance theatre performance about living between two worlds. On one side the Western European culture and the other side the culture of your parents. It is difficult to stand firm between those two worlds and follow ones heart.  That’s what Mouna, Chérif, Laila and Karima experience. They are the Arabic-Dutch dancers and singer that explore borders in Veil. They share their adventures with Zino the Dutch-Moluccan breakdancer and Iranian composer Kaveh.

Together they search for the sun but before dawning begins they dream. One dream? No. One thousand and one dreams and one thousand and one nightmares. You can see them in Veil.

Choreography: Wies Bloemen
Dance: Mouna Laroussi, Chérif Zaouali, Laila el Bazi, Zino Schat,
Singing: Karima el Fillali
Music: Kaveh Vares, René Thie
Set & light: Erik van Raalte
Costumes: Marina van der Heiden


I call my brothers (14+)

A bomb has exploded; a city is paralyzed by fear. Amor is …. Through the street, trying not to draw attention. No attention at all. But what is normal behavior when everybody watches you with suspicion? Isn’t he a spitting image of the perpetrator, the same descent, the same black backpack? Maybe he is the perpetrator or are the angry looks of others slowly turning him into the hated  terrorist? Amor is lost. When he sees himself in the shop window he is frightened: ‘I saw the gaze of an extremely suspect individual. It was my own reflection.’

For the first time De Toneelmakerij and Danstheater AYA join forces to make a collective performance about fear, prejudice and terrorism, based on the novel by Swedish-Tunisian writer Jonas Hassen Khemiri. Director Liesbeth Coltof and choreographer Wies Bloemen together create a gruff, thrilling performance with four actors and five dancers. The audience gets into the head of a young man and follows him for 24 hours. Roaming the streets, on the rhythm of the dance, he is chased by his own shadow. The phone with which he calls his brothers is his only lifeline. Slowly the border between reality and fantasy disappears, between suspect and victim, between actor and dancer.

Choreography: Wies Bloemen
Direction: Liesbeth Coltof 

Kite without strings (6+)

When everything we know and love stays behind, how then does a new place become home? 

Kite without strings demonstrates the resilience of a child, playfully adapting to his new reality. 

Kite without strings shows how a kit always stays in the air, even when buffered by strong winds. The performance moves between tension, emotion, relief and joy. Open your eyes, open your heart and allow a child to lead you by the hand on this unforgettable journey. 

Choreography: Erik Kaiel
Tour period: mid January – April 2018
Bookings: Frontaal Theaterbureau / Mirjam Nebbeling / tel: +31 (0)20 6929603 / mirjam@frontaal.com 


AYA under the skin (12+)

A solo performance in the class room.
During a lesson hour a dancer performs a solo performance of 25 minutes. The solo is based on a personal story of the dancer in which emotions are not hidden away. After that he/she tells about his dance career. How do you become a dancer? What skills do you need? How does a dancer earn a living? At the end of the hour the dancer teaches the pupils a short choreography.

Choreography: Wies Bloemen
Dance: Sjaan Flikweert, Kathrin Gramelsberger, Regilio Sedoc, Gwensley Paula
Tour period: entire season
Bookings: Frontaal Theaterbureau / Mirjam Nebbeling / tel: +31 (0)20 6929603 / mirjam@frontaal.com