Lust voor Life op 16, 17 en 18 maar...

Lust voor Life op 16, 17 en 18 maart in Dansmakers! In december en januari speelden onze vrouwen vijf meer dan uitverkochte voorstellingen van Lust for Life! Lust for life is een ode aan de oude Lees meer >>

Current Performances

SMART (10+)

Charge! You your mobile phone, the dancers themselves. For SMART, the first dance happening in which you have to use your smartphone.

SMART is a challenging dance performance about the digital world. How many bytes, sweat and tears does it cost to be young? Since everything goes fast and changes. The city, the world. But you as well. Yeah you, with your unpredictable mood swings. Are you still following yourself? Or do you unfollow yourself?

SMART is a rollercoaster performance with four dancers and a MC. They show that digitally possibilities are endless. We app with everybody. We are the centre of the world, thanks to our expanding self – the selfiestick. But are we able to touch each other? SMART examines. You and other visitors can react with texts and messages. So charge your mobile and come!

Trailer: vimeo.com

Choreography: Wies Bloemen (NL) and Jaakko Toivonen (F)
Dance: Jagoda Bobrowska (P), Ivan Montis (I), Agnes Philipsen (NL), Lars Wettmann (D)
MC: Vincent van der Velde (NL)
set & light design: Erik van Raalte
Video: Frouke ten velde

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Snow White & the  7 breakers (8+)

Mirror, mirror on the wall ….. The queen is the most beautiful, but Snow White grows up and so does her beauty. Soon she is the most beautiful one in the country. And she knows it. The queen is doing her best but Snow White is taking centre stage.

While the little princess becomes a rebellious teenager, the queen sees her time ticking away. In her desperation she comes up with a horrible plan. But Snow White wouldn’t be Snow White, if she would not escape from her mother. In the woods she takes her place between seven rough b-boy dwarfs. They teach her all the moves and skills of breaking and when a prince shows up, Snow White is ready for the ultimate battle.

Danstheater AYA dusts off the fairy tale and transforms Snow White and the seven breakers into a spectacular show with singing, hip-hop, b-boying and modern dance. With well-known songs with new texts from amongst others Tina Turner, Anthony and the Johnsons, Anna Kendrick and Hair. A new version of an ancient story about life, where every ending creates a new beginning. High quality entertainment for the whole family.

Direction and choreography: Wies Bloemen
Snow White (singer): Charlotte de Graaf
Snow White (dancer):
Feadan McCall
Queen- Stepmother (singer):
Joanne Telesford
Queen- Stepmother (dancer):
Andrea Beugger
Breakers: Bryan Druiventak, Wilson Almeida Duarte, Deion Nigel Holwijn van der Wel, Liam McCall, Zino Schat, Oscar Starink (understudy), Constantin Trommlitz, Robert Thomas Villedieu
Musical arrangements: Ad van Dijk
Text: Sophie Kassies
Choreography Breakers: Alida Dors
Set & light: Erik van Raalte

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The uprising will come

In a rollercoaster of exciting dance and theatrical scenes the dancers, actors and musicians of AYA and DOX investigate what meaning the concepts protest, resistance and revolt mean to them nowadays.

In our commercial world everything is about money. While multinationals get richer and richer, the army of poor wretches is growing. Why does nobody revolt against this? In every youngster there is a revolution, but what are they willing to fight for? Is everybody on his own or is there something to fight for together?

Dance your dreams in the world. The past you have, the future you have to make.

Co-production Danstheater AYA and DOX
Concept, choreography and direction: Wies Bloemen en Victor Mentink
Concept and advice: Hildegard Draaijer
With: 5 dancers, 3 actors, 1 rapper, 1 musician
Tour period: February-may 2017
Bookings: Frontaal Theaterbureau / Mirjam Nebbeling / tel: +31 (0)20 6929603 / mirjam@frontaal.com 

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AYA under the skin (12+)

A solo performance in the class room.
During a lesson hour a dancer performs a solo performance of 25 minutes. The solo is based on a personal story of the dancer in which emotions are not hidden away. After that he/she tells about his dance career. How do you become a dancer? What skills do you need? How does a dancer earn a living? At the end of the hour the dancer teaches the pupils a short choreography.

Choreography: Wies Bloemen
Dance: Sjaan Flikweert, Kathrin Gramelsberger, Regilio sedoc, Gwensley Paula
Tour period: available on request
Bookings: Frontaal Theaterbureau / Mirjam Nebbeling / tel: +31 (0)20 6929603 / mirjam@frontaal.com